The #FuhrmanFormula
Making The Perfect Soup

Hearty and Healthy, Quick and Easy, Simply Sumptuous

Formula for Soup

No matter what the weather is like outside, soup can be the basis of a delicious and satisfying meal. In the summer, you can enjoy chilled and spicy gazpacho, while autumn calls for hearty vegetable bean soups and chilis. Whatever your preference, The #FuhrmanFormula for Making the Perfect Soup infographic will help you create a satisfying, well-balanced meal for any occasion. 

This helpful infographic lists the building blocks of a great soup. It includes a list of mix-and-match ingredients, divided into six basic categories, so you can create a soup that delights your unique palate.

TIMESAVER TIP: Keep a few cartons of Dr. Fuhrman's Soup on hand for days when you want a healthful meal but don't have time to cook. They come in three mouthwatering varieties: Supreme Greens, Vita Bean, and Moroccan Chickpea soup.