Do ONE good thing for yourself EVERY DAY:
Make Salad the Main Dish!

When you’re juggling kids’ schedules, along with your work commitments and social obligations, you don’t always have time to prepare the healthful, nourishing food you and your family deserve. But even when you’re super busy, you can still do one great, healthful – and DELICIOUS – thing for yourself on a daily basis.

Build your salad with vibrant leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, peppers, beans, nuts and seeds. Add some cooked veggies for unexpected flavors and texture. Use a nut or seed-based dressing to add vital fats and unbeatable flavor. The health and beauty benefits of eating a salad every day will amaze you!

  • Antioxidants in vegetables slow down signs of aging
  • Veggies high in carotenoids protect against the sun’s UV rays
  • Leafy greens help improve skin’s appearance and elasticity
  • Green and yellow veggies are associated with fewer “crows feet”
  • Raw vegetable intake associated with fewer wrinkles

Ready, set . . . SALAD

Download DR. FUHRMAN’S FORMULA for building a salad, creating a healthy dressing, plus a selection of our members’ favorite dressing and salad recipes. Print out this handy infographic and let it inspire you every day!  

  • Find out how many cups of greens to start with. (Hint: it’s way more than you think!)
  • Find out the SUPER FOODS that will amp up the nutritional value!
  • Learn what the unlimited foods are that you can add to a salad..
  • How do I TOP this salad? – Learn to make a healthy dressing!
  • Get some Dr. Fuhrman "Member Favorite" recipes..